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Mission & Vision

Our mission
Our main objective is to serve as a supplier of quality articles, with high delivery performance, so our customers receive the parts and bus-related accessories exactly when they need them. In this manner we ensure the continuous operation of our customers' fleets. We also strive to be accessible to our customers, establish long-term relationships with them and serve as a one-stop shop.

To accomplish our mission we do everything possible to maximize collaboration within VDL Parts, with VDL Bus & Coach and with our workshops. We utilize all our capable, motivated employees to supply articles that meet the highest quality requirements in terms of reliability, durability and functionality.

As a driven and passionate supplier of bus- and coach-related parts and accessories, we continuously work to improve our own performance and that of our network, while paying careful attention to the wishes of our customers and placing maximum focus on efficiency and quality.

Our vision: ‘Partnership in parts’
‘Partnership in parts’ demonstrates that VDL Parts strives for long-term co-operation, based on mutual respect and trust, with customers, partners, employees, suppliers and society as a whole.