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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a family business, the VDL Groep has traditionally been closely involved in its living and working environment. After all, these are the people and the environment that you as a company are dependent upon for your continued existence. So for the VDL Groep, making a contribution to the sustainable development of society is self evident. We do this by finding a healthy balance between People, Planet and Profit.

The VDL Groep regards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as an integral part of its overall corporate policy. This means that CSR aspects are taken into account in the decision making process for organisational, process related and technical matters.

In our view of Corporate Social Responsibility we distinguish three sub areas:

The VDL Groep is a family business in which everything revolves around people. After all, our employees are the heart of the company. VDL feels it is important to offer employees a workplace where they can work agreeably in a safe and healthy environment and they can develop themselves.

Products and production processes
Our policy is geared towards innovations in products and production methods. The wish for continual improvement is an integral part of our entrepreneurship. Reducing both costs and impact on the environment is a common thread running through our business operations.

The VDL Groep's preferred option is to continue to manufacture in the Netherlands and in Flemish Belgium and to have strategic production in low wage countries. We wish to help create jobs in these areas. As a company, VDL occupies a central position in society. We demonstrate our social involvement in a variety of ways, for instance through collaboration with educational establishments.